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Crazy Girl After Dark Red Cheeks Spank Me Crème 3.5oz (#3007)
An innovative accessory for spanking enthusiasts ranging from beginner to expert.
  • The Red Cheeks Spank Me Creme' heightens your sensitivity and enhances the stinging sensations when getting spanked.
  • Formulated with cinnamon and methyl nicotinate as its main ingredients, you'll certainly enjoy its seductive cinnamon fragrance to add to the mood.
  • The topical creme is to be applied before the fun begins, enhancing the area with extra sensation to take those spanks to the next delectable level of pain.
  • Each formula is also infused with pheromones, a natural aphrodisiac that mixes with your body's own scent to create a unique and attractive fragrance for potential partners.
  • $16.00