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Sweet Toy Delights is all about you. It all begins when you host your very own Sweet Toy Delights party.

You'll earn lots of FREE PRODUCT the night of your party, plus we've loaded our Host Program with bonus items and specials just for you!

You'll earn 25% of party sales in FREE product the night of your party. On a $500 party you receive $125 in FREE product plus a Special Gift. Can you say AWESOME! Plus Host Package Specials and Booking Credit Package. Enjoy discounts of 55% - 65% on any of the items in our catalog once your party reaches $250 or more.

Book Your Party Now and Become a Star. Romance parties are a great way to get your family and friends together and enjoy a fun night together. Pick a party theme and get lots of FREE stuff:

Co Ed Parties: Men and women are invited for a fun night out.

Girls Night Out: Bring a friend and enjoy the night.

Divorce Parties: Out with the old in with the new.

Birthday Party: Dildos and dongs all night long.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties: Indulge your fantasies.

For more information ask your Sweet Toy Delights Romance Specialist.


Party for a Living (Recruiting)

Are you ready to start your career as an Independant Romance Specialist now?

The fastest way for you to get started is to purchase your kit. We've made buying your first kit extremely easy as we've eliminated all the difficult choices you have with other party plans.

We offer you three choices when you purchase your kit. These kits are budget friendly and come packed with our top selling products. The only thing cheap about our kits are the prices.

Our emphasis is on you making money quickly. We know that as you quickly bring home that much needed cash, you'll be building a solid foundation for your business. This is the secret to your success, and ours!

By becoming a Independant Romance Specialist for Sweet Toy Delights, your earning potential is only limited by the goals you set for yourself.

Those goals may range from wanting to earn a few hundred dollars a month to pay off some extra bills, or build a sales team of romance specialists and reach for the sky.

The Sweet Toy Delight opportunity is truly for everyone. Turn your dreams into your reality now!

We know that you want to make money and that you need it now. That's the reason we offer all of our specialists 50% commissions on your personal sales as soon as you sign up and have the potential to earn up to 55%. We are a company of consultants for consultants. Why settle for plans that only offer you 25%, 30%, or even 40% commissions on your personal sales? Why worry about having to work your way up to earn those premium buying discounts enjoyed by only a few? You can make it right now with Sweet Toy Delights!

How much can you make with our 50% buying discount? A lot! By simply doing a few parties a week, you can easily earn upwards of $2000 or more a month. Not bad considering most parties last just a few hours. You can work your parties around your schedule and work when you want to work. The more parties you do, the more you will earn.

Sweet Toy Delights has no requirements for our romance consultants to maintain inventory. The decision to carry inventory is yours and yours only. We do not feel that it is right for anyone to impose stocking requirements on you. You are just starting your business and your cash is precious to you. With Sweet Toy Delights, you decide if and when the time is right for you to carry inventory. You are the CEO of your business and the choice is yours.

for more information contact 410-913-8462

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